sleep enthusiasts & explorers

As a team, our biggest motivation was
making sleep better for ourselves and others around us.

We wanted something effective and sustainable for our health.
When nothing seemed to work, we stopped looking for a solution
& decided to make one ourselves.



being mindful


Our team at PAQ started our mission to create sleepwear that was mindful of our health, our sleep environment, and of others. We believe in being mindful in our relationships & in making better technology.



being sustainable 


As avid travelers of the outdoors, we care for the environment. Our mission is to make sleep tech smarter, so that it’s sustainable for our health, and for the world.


Did you know that VibeRise is made from sustainably sourced trees?




our team

Yohann Samarasinghe

Yohann Samarasinghe


Nanoengineering, UC San Diego

Currently on a quest to become a silver gorilla.

Samarth Aggarwal

Samarth Aggarwal


Computational Neuroscience; Probability & Statistics, UC San Diego

Currently trying to understand human thought quantitatively.

Pavel Galchenko

Pavel Galchenko


Medical Student, Carle Illinois School of Medicine.

Connoisseur of hot sauces and all things spicy.

Yinghao Li

Yinghao Li

Software Engineer

Math & Computer Science, UC San Diego

LA marathon finisher with 3:25 finish time, now training to conquer another marathon to break 3 hours.

Daphne Kim

Daphne Kim

Branding Director

Communications and Digital Media, UC San Diego.

Enjoys creating new recipes and new culinary experiences.

Derek O'Connor

Derek O'Connor

Data Scientist

Applied Mathematics; Nanoengineering, UC San Diego.

Former top ranked chess player in California, now enjoys more relaxing hobbies like birdwatching.

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