Did you know that the way you wake up has a big impact on your mood? The mood you wake up in the morning can influence your mood for the rest of the day. 

Most people heavily depend on their alarm to wake up since it’s hard for people to wake up naturally. Even though your alarm is considered a reliable way to wake you in the morning, how do you know if your alarm is actually working for you or not? 

To see if your alarm is actually working for you efficiently or not, there are some things you can look out for. Let’s see if you have the following signs so that you can know whether your alarm is working for you and fits for you the best or not.


You wake up with an irregular heart rate

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When you wake up, do you feel your heartbeat going faster than normal? Waking up to a loud alarm can increase the level of adrenaline in your body, causing both your heart rate and your blood pressure to go up.

In the long term, this is really bad for your heart health since you are constantly exposing yourself to an environment that’s bad for your heart. Your heart functions will become weaker over time as you wake up with an irregular heartbeat. Jolting awake to abrupt sounds can make you feel insecure or anxious, which can contribute to the irregular heartbeat to lasting longer. 


You’re feeling grumpy during the day

You should realize your alarm isn’t working well if you feel grumpy when you wake up. It is really important that you have a good sleep at night but it is also really important that you wake up relaxed as well. When your alarm drags you up from a good night’s rest, you will definitely feel really upset.

Your mood in the morning can be determined by the way you wake up. If you wake up poorly, your grumpy mood can last for the rest of the day. This could be avoided if you choose a better alarm that gently wakes you up instead of having an alarm that rings loudly. 




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You wake up feeling exhausted

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Even though you already got a sufficient sleep, you might still feel exhausted when your alarm wakes you up. This is because loud noises will impact the quality of your sleep, and how well-rested you feel in the morning. Exposure to loud noises is not good for your body, especially in the vulnerable stages during sleep.

When you wake up with a loud noise, your body doesn’t cannot adjust quickly enough to being jolted awake. You feel groggy and experience something called sleep inertia, which can make you feel foggy and disoriented in the morning. As a result, you will feel exhausted regardless of how much sleep you got.


Low work-efficiency

A study shows that 79% of people in the study said a bad wake up experience can ruin their day, because it affects their which can affect concentration, work efficiency, and well being

People’s working efficiency throughout the day can be influenced by how you wake up. If you wake up poorly, it affects their mood which can influence their performance. A common feeling is that you didn’t get enough sleep enough if you got more than seven-hours of sleep. This is because loud alarms jolt you awake and give you a false sense of alertness. When people have low work efficiency, they feel like they need more time to rest so that they can regain the energy. Being awakened by loud alarms again sets up a negative feedback loop. 


You can’t wake up even though you set up multiple alarms 

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A lot of people will set multiple alarms to make sure that they can wake themselves up, and still don’t feel ready to be up. What many don’t realize is having multiple alarms is actually bad for your sleep quality. This is because setting multiple alarms disrupts your sleeping cycle. Dozing off and being jolted awake again only makes you disoriented, and your memory consolidation and learning ability will decrease. By having multiple alarms, you get harm than benefits. You should need to find a new way if using multiple alarms still does not work.




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Look for a better alarm

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If you noticed any of the warning signs mentioned above, you might need to get a new alarm. 

The best alarm to solve all problems for all kinds of sleepers- from heavy sleepers to early birds- is VibeRise. It’s an advanced silent alarm invented by PAQ that’s 100% silent, and uses gentle haptics to wake you up more slowly. This alarm allows you to wake up naturally and more consistently, which provides you with better sleeping quality overall. 

VibeRise creates a more well-rested environment. It connects the device to an app that tracks your sleep behaviors. This way it provides actionable insights on your personal sleep needs and help you improve both sleep and health quality for long-term. 

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